Friday, March 25, 2011

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Raising love

Hey there guys! I have a friend that is doing a review and giveaway of a hair/hand lotion. It is at least 70% organic and some are 100% organic. The reason I am mentioning it on my blog is because the person that makes the stuff is trying to raise money to adopt another little one.  She does not sell it she will give you this stuff for a donation! I hope you will check out the review and enter the giveaway! It is well worth your time to go and check it out!! :) Click here to enter. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

So what is PMC?

The medium I use to make my jewelry is PMC. So, you ask, "what in the world is "PMC"? "PMC" is short for Precious metal clay. Basically it is a clay like medium that has small particles of silver, gold, copper, or bronze mixed in organic binder and water.

OK so now you ask "what good is small particles of these different metals good for sitting in a clay like material? Not like I can take them out of clay and sell it."  Well, yes you are are right there is no way to separate the binder from the metals. So "what now?", you ask.

Well go get some regular old clay and make some design you like. Something you would love to make in to Jewelry pieces to wear. Put it in the oven. "WAIT WHAT?? you ask, "that will harden the stuff and either heavy as a rock, brittle, or just plain fall apart (With a few exceptions of course). If by any stroke of luck it turns out and does not fall apart I really wouldn't want to wear it because I like silver NOT purple!" AHHHHHHHHHH There you go!!

Now repeat above but this time use PMC (in this case silver). Instead of an oven, fire it in a kiln at a high temp or use a butane torch(I recommend the kiln). The binder agent burns away and WA-LA you got yourself a piece of jewelry that is 99.9% pure. You can Pantina it, tumble it or solder it. You can add gems to it really it is limited only by your imagination!

I hope that this helps answer some questions! I hope that you will come back to my site again and again to see what new stuff I have and also buy something you see or if you want me to do a piece for you email me at!

Until next time
have a great day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Pattys day from a unirish girl

Wishing all a happy St patties day! Hope you have a safe, happy, fun day! :)
Please come check out my jewelry and if there is something you like tell me! If there is something that you would like done (like a silver shamrock) tell me and we will work out pricing and I can have it done really quickly!

Thank you! :) You guys are AWESOME group of people thank you for coming to my blog! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Jewelry!!!

Here is the new jewelry I have made the last couple days!  I hope that you enjoy them!
All the necklaces come on a leather "chain" unless you specify otherwise.
Thank you for looking at my blog! :)

River Stone Earrings

These are beautiful Matte Silver Earring.  They are about the size of a dime. Made from PMC silver (see my portfolio for full explanation.)  

Shipping 2.00
9.3% tax for AZ clients

River Stone Necklace

This beautiful piece was my first attempt at adding a Gem stone in. 
It is a little taller than a nickel. It has a pantina on the design that makes that portion look like gold. 
A black leather "chain" will be used for it unless other wise specified.  
**It does have a small "crack" by the stone but will not effect it in anyway, the stone is securely added in the piece. I really like this piece a lot! 

Buy it for Sold
Shipping: 2.00
Tax: 9.3% for AZ clients

Sun Dial

This is a very small thin piece. Totally different than my other pieces and I like the way t turned out. It is about the size of a dime. Has a matte finish on it but I can shine it up. Black leather "chain' will be attached to it unless you specify something different. 

Shipping: 2.00
9.3% tax for AZ clients

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

able to leap buildings in a single bound...

They say that moms seem to leap buildings in a single bound. BOY it does not feel like that today! I wanted to sweep, vacuum, and mop! After a half an hour of trying to get the mop bottom on the mop and thinking that I got it on FINALLY I mopped only to realize it was buckled and did nothing! UGH! They kids were outside playing. I went out to check on them! There was chalk all over the place! I ran out of bread and the kids are hungry. I need to make some but it will not be ready by lunch! No car to drive to get anything! *sigh* It is just 10 am! Just had to vent it out I guess! Really I am never like this! I wanted to do another new piece of Jewelry but thinking after this frustrating morning I might skip it! UGH!
ON the bright side I did get the other piece done yesterday and I think it looks pretty good for a beginner. I will be adding it on here soon! :)
I hope that you all are having a better day than I! LOL