Monday, March 21, 2011

So what is PMC?

The medium I use to make my jewelry is PMC. So, you ask, "what in the world is "PMC"? "PMC" is short for Precious metal clay. Basically it is a clay like medium that has small particles of silver, gold, copper, or bronze mixed in organic binder and water.

OK so now you ask "what good is small particles of these different metals good for sitting in a clay like material? Not like I can take them out of clay and sell it."  Well, yes you are are right there is no way to separate the binder from the metals. So "what now?", you ask.

Well go get some regular old clay and make some design you like. Something you would love to make in to Jewelry pieces to wear. Put it in the oven. "WAIT WHAT?? you ask, "that will harden the stuff and either heavy as a rock, brittle, or just plain fall apart (With a few exceptions of course). If by any stroke of luck it turns out and does not fall apart I really wouldn't want to wear it because I like silver NOT purple!" AHHHHHHHHHH There you go!!

Now repeat above but this time use PMC (in this case silver). Instead of an oven, fire it in a kiln at a high temp or use a butane torch(I recommend the kiln). The binder agent burns away and WA-LA you got yourself a piece of jewelry that is 99.9% pure. You can Pantina it, tumble it or solder it. You can add gems to it really it is limited only by your imagination!

I hope that this helps answer some questions! I hope that you will come back to my site again and again to see what new stuff I have and also buy something you see or if you want me to do a piece for you email me at!

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